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Workplace Learning

Learning with eduBeacons® & Co

The line between learning and working is constantly becoming more and more blurry. Classic “learning if required” is increasingly being supplemented with “just in time” learning - situational and needs-based learning in the workplace.

This development provides support in times of information overload and ever decreasing knowledge half-life and leads to classic forms of learning being replaced by situational learning in many areas. Additionally, this also means that new learning solutions are no longer restricted to stationary workplaces.

Solutions are required which enable individual learning or knowledge units to be conveyed to the right user in a targeted, contextual, target group-oriented and location-independent manner.

Workplace Learning means

  • situational and adaptable learning,
  • right in the workplace with mobile end devices,
  • with consideration for the learner’s current knowledge,
  • using seamless integration of learning activities on location,
  • enabled by the company's infrastructure.

Workplace Learning with eduBeacons from inside already fulfills these requirements. It offers your employees the possibility of learning situationally, individually and adaptively in their workplace using mobile end devices.

Beacons – Smart Technology

As well as QR codes, markers and direct object recognition as Workplace Learning technologies, we use beacons with a broadcast technology (Low Energy Bluetooth), which emit and receive signals within a radius of around 50 meters and which can be used by mobile end devices.

These beacons are already in use, for example, in dealers, museums and clinics, and at concerts and sporting events. This enables visitors to stadiums to find their way around or to find the till with the shortest queue. Museums can do away with audio guides by replacing them with information transferred to the user’s mobile end device using beacons.

How Workplace Learning works

We recognized the advantages this technology brings to corporate training and so have already developed eduBeacons which are being used successfully in various pilot projects including those used in the automobile and catering industries. The beacon technology enables adaptable and situational learning in a practical context i.e. right in the workplace.

Your learners require only the inside Learning Cloud App to be installed on their mobile end devices and to log themselves in just once. The login data serves to identify the learner before he or she receives the current status of their surroundings onto their smartphone or tablet as well as the appropriate learning units which have been tailored to the current knowledge of each learner.

Workplace Learning with eduBeacons – An example

An employee who needs to repair a machine receives a checklist, video tutorial or learning units advising on the repair steps to be carried out next and which have been customized to the current status of the machine and matched to the employee’s previous knowledge.

Workplace Learning takes place within the working context positively re-enforcing knowledge transfer and sustainability. It is situational, individual, adaptive and mobile and fulfills important requirements for the future of learning.

A practical and demonstrative explanation of Workplace Learning with eduBeacons can be seen in the following video:

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