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Self-Learning Media

With our digital self-learning media your employees can efficiently and independently acquire new knowledge or revise things already learnt independent of time or place. This brings with it the advantage that your employees will be better prepared for daily work life and the tasks to be carried out within your company. Self-learning media can be used in various settings including E-learning and blended learning training or for situational learning in the workplace.

It provides your employees with an active and practically oriented learning process in which they can tackle realistic tasks encountered in their daily work life. You also profit from interactive and multimedial elements. All training content is of very high didactic quality and is clearly presented using a combination of text, graphics, images, audio, animations and simulations. This all comes together to promote motivation and improve the learning progress of your employees.

When developing our individual learning media, we follow an approach which takes your employees' needs, objectives and requirements into consideration.

In order to facilitate knowledge transfer, we separate complex topics into smaller units and simplify them. At the same time we tell your employees stories and show them examples from work settings. We offer them a close-to-reality and practically-oriented learning situation in which they can immediately apply their knowledge by making decisions and carrying out actions. This ensures that the transfer of this knowledge into practice is maximized.

Interesting or thought-provoking questions or problems encourage curiosity and a hunger for knowledge. The same applies for suprising or debatable elements which we targetedly included to grab and maintain the learner's attention. A rich variation of content presentation in the form of texts, images, animations and videos, diverse forms of interaction and visual anchors support the learning process and enable a better understanding of complex learning content.

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