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Performance Support

Increase your Performance!

Make knowledge accessible to your employees exactly when needed in the workplace. "Performance Support" is just that — supporting situational learning in the workplace. The aim is to enable your employees to learn as and when the need arises in order to carry out the current task at hand.

We provide performance support systems, which deliver instantly accessible, targeted, up-to-date and relevant knowledge to your employees in bite-sized chunks, as well as learning media ideally suited for use in performance support. This enables your employees to learn the exact content needed "just in time" and "on the job" to complete the task. Unlike traditional forms of learning — whereby the task at hand must be interrupted — your employees are able to more quickly and effectively complete their tasks whilst maintaining productivity.

Make use of our know-how: With our eAuthor Learning Cloud we offer you a software-based performance support architecture as well as our experience and expertise to help you successfully introduce performance support on a small or large scale. And using our interactive training cards, podcasts, vodcasts and motion scribbles we have developed the ideal media for use with performance support.

The Advantages:

  • Enables situational learning in the workplace
  • Information is accessible exactly when it is needed
  • Productivity remains high since work is not interrupted
  • Knowledge gaps are filled, tasks can be completed more quickly

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