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Interactive hygiene training "Hygiene Ready" – now also as app

2017-08-22 08:34

Interactive hygiene training "Hygiene Ready" – now also as app

Hygiene Ready – inside business group

With the new app "Hygiene Ready" the legally required annual hygiene training can now be carried out easily using a smartphone or tablet. A certificate is an integral part of the offer and will be sent to you by email after a small test at the end of the training. The training was developed by the inside Business Group together with the TÜV Süd Food Safety Institute GmbH and is aimed at people who work in the catering industry or for food processing companies.

Instead of a classic training course, "Hygiene Ready" can be used to work through all content easily and conveniently on a tablet or smartphone. This saves time and travel expenses. In addition, the training is very practical and varied. All contents relating to food hygiene and infection prevention is conveyed in an appealing and motivating manner in an easily understandable language and with many pictures and videos. Following successful completion of the test, a certificate of participation (valid for 1 year) from the TÜV Süd Food Safety Institute GmbH completes the new training offer. Self-employed workers or employees in temporary employment agencies in particular can greatly improve their professional chances with such a certificate.

Thanks to the "Hygiene Ready" app, mobile learning via smartphone or tablet is now even more convenient, as the learners have the possibility of learning at any time and wherever they are. You can also interrupt hygiene training whenever it suits you and continue at a later time. Individual topics as well as the learning success control can be repeated as often as desired and the control of the learning success can also be done directly – for example, if this is a repeat training.

The "Hygiene Ready" app is now available for mobile devices with iOS or Android operating system and can be used on smartphones as well as tablets – for optimal viewing it is recommended to use it on a tablet. The app can be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.  It costs EUR 10.99 and includes basic hygiene training and an instruction according to the Infection Protection Act (IfSG). A free demo version is available in the Google Play store, which can be thoroughly tested (also available in the Apple App Store soon). For companies, depending on the number of users, there are flexible licensing models that allow you to train a large number of employees efficiently and cost-effectively by PC or mobile device.


Download now in Apple App Store!


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Fit in Hygiene App – Auszeichnungen

"Hygiene Ready" was awarded the Comenius EduMedia Medal – One of the most important European multimedia prizes – due to its successful didactic implementation by the Society for Pedagogy and Information (GPI). The Federal Association of German Food Inspectors (BVLK) has also recognized the excellent quality of the training and its recommendation for this.

More information and detailed content on "Hygiene Ready" can be found at: www.inside-online.de/en/hygiene-ready

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