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inside & SLM receive the Comenius Award for Workplace Learning Project

2016-06-06 09:24

inside & SLM receive the Comenius Award for Workplace Learning Project

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Together with SLM Solutions Group AG, the inside Business Group has received the well-established Comenius EduMedia Award 2016. It was awarded for an international training project for which inside created an efficient and knowledge based workplace learning solution in multiple languages. The training is to be used to train employees on internal processes and work processes and guarantees a uniform level of training worldwide.

SLM is a worldwide leading provider of metal-based additive finishing technology (3D printers). With this e-Learning solution — which has been delivered in German, English, French, Japanese and Mandarin — will be used by employees from SLM as well as those from partner companies or clients — service and assembly technicians in particular — to teach the individual work processes and the correct operation of SLM machines. This enables them to learn, for example, machine operations and maintenance step by step which is grouped into separate processes. 

Big challenges during the creation: The processes are in principle all the same for each machines; there are differences in the details, however, due to the varying geometry, materials and technical requirements of the end product. This means that the size and order of the parts, for example, vary from machine to machine. Using inside's single source of truth approach these problems were extremely efficiently and redundant content was avoided. The descriptions of the operating and maintenance processes only had to be created once before then being used for learning media for all of the different machines. Graphs, data and facts which are machine-specific and can vary greatly were swapped out and stored redundancy-free. This knowledge management-based approach simplifies not only the creation of learning and working media, but also improves its quality by minimizing any risks of error due to reusing media. Updating is also made much more efficient since media only needs to be amended once in the central place where it is stored, and all linked media is automatically updated.

Additional client requirements in this project: The realization of workplace situational learning, that is, the possibility of learning while in the workplace in order to promote the transfer of the knowledge learned into practice. inside created an internet-based learning management system and interactive training cards with integrated assessments. Interactive training cards are well suited to situational learning in the workplace. With the use of diverse filters employees can quickly access the necessary information support them in their work flow. Multiple training cards can also be worked through systematically within a learning sequence, in which the individual steps from the processes are presented in a particular order. 

For the creation of interacive media inside used its own universal online authoring system, the eAuthor 4.0. With its diverse functions it provides comprehensive support in the creation of whole palette of media. The SLM Solutions Group also found this possibility extremely useful and have themselves licensed the eAuthor 4.0.

Daniel Beck

Head of Global Service at SLM Solutions Group AG

"The aim is to be able to independently create and maintain our own training media. Once inside had created the training cards for example processes we then created further training cards ourselves for these processes in 5 languages. The intuitive and simple eAuthor operation means this worked extremely well and the results were very professional."

The Comenius EduMedia Award counts as one of the most established distinctions for the e-learning industry in Europe. Each year it is awarded by the Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information e.V. (GPI) for outstanding pedagogic, content or design multimedia products and training media. inside has now received the distinction for the 13th time. The jury were above all convinced by the product's successful didactic implementation and the possibility of workplace learning.

Dr. Patrick Blum

Managing Director at inside Business Group

"This award makes us very proud. It confirms to our clients our aspirations to produce timely, didactically and specialist first class learning media for our clients and that as efficiently as possible. This was made possible using our single source of truth approach."

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