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inside receives two Comenius Awards for the successful creation of e-learning projects

2018-06-25 09:37

inside receives two Comenius Awards for the successful creation of e-learning projects

Comenius-EduMedia-Award 2018 – inside Unternehmensgruppe

The inside Business Group was awarded the Comenius EduMedia Award twice on Thursday in Berlin. The Aachen-based company received the prizes for the creation of a mobile learning project for Allianz Life Insurance AG as well as for the creation of a multilingual mobile-first solution for Vapiano SE.

With the two Comenius EduMedia awards, inside has now already received its sixth award this year. The jury – made up of an international panel of experts – certifies that the inside projects are of the highest didactic quality.

Dr. Patrick Blum

managing director of the inside Business Group

„We are very pleased with the double award as it confirms the quality of our work. The most important thing for us, however, is not the prizes, but knowing that we offer our clients real benefits with our solutions. The awards are also an incentive to continually develop and work on providing our clients with only the best.“

Awarded: Wissen erLEBEN (experience knowledge) in use at Allianz Life Insurance AG – The new way of learning and consulting the manual

One of the two winning projects is "Wissen erLEBEN", a mobile learning project that has been implemented by inside together with Allianz Life Insurance AG.

"Wissen erLEBEN" is the new mobile form of learning and lookup at Allianz and is aimed at several thousand employees in the field as well as sales partners and banks.  With it they are offered the opportunity to obtain specialist knowledge that is needed for customer-oriented advice independently, efficiently and sustainably with the device of their choice (smartphone, tablet, notebook). Despite the size of the project and its enormous knowledge base, individual learners and their personal learning needs are the central focus of the new offer.

Joachim Behringer

Head of Division for Training and Further Education at Allianz Life Insurance AG

„Our central concern was to offer a fully integrated educational solution on the one hand, and on the other to satisfy the individual needs of our internal and external customers in the organization, and to keep it both up-to-date and on-demand for all platforms, browsers and end-devices, and of course to make it as efficient and as cost-effective as possible – we did this with 'Wissen erLEBEN' and the help of inside.“

Awarded: The new mobile Vapiano Learning Space

The second Comenius Award was claimed jointly by inside and Vapiano. Vapiano is a quickly expanding restaurant chain which is already operating worldwide. A training solution, which can be used internationally and provides the employees with a worldwide uniform standard of quality was created to support the expansion strategy. The “New Mobile Vapiano Learning Space” is a mobile, flexible, localizable and quickly expandable e-learning solution which enables learning in the workplace in Vapiano’s 205 restaurants in 33 countries. Employees can access the Vapiano Learning Space and its learning media using their own private mobile end-devices (smartphones). The complete training process is controlled via the Learning Space.

Dominic Helmreich

Head of HR Development at Vapiano SE

„Our goal was to create a flexible, expandable and simple solution which guarantees worldwide uniform training and with it a dramatically reduced time-to-competence. We achieved this goal and are extremely happy that this has also been confirmed by an independent jury.“

The Comenius Award is one of the most established awards in the e-learning industry. It is handed out annually by the Institute for Education and Media of the Society for Pedagogy and Information e.v.. The award is handed out for multimedia and educational media which is outstanding in respect to pedagogy, content or design. The winners are awarded by an internationally-appointed jury in accordance with a didactic and scientifically based assessment as part of a creator-neutral evaluation procedure.

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