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inside creates virtual learning world for WWK management

2017-10-16 09:00

inside creates virtual learning world for WWK management

In order to enable new managers to start their new role optimally, WWK Insurance has re-organized its qualification program for executives. In addition to presence training, an e-learning solution is now also offered in the form of a blended learning approach, with which the new managers are given the most important information at the beginning of their activities in a timely, flexible and location-independent manner.

Concretely, the "Virtual Learning World for Managers" was created, which forms the start of the new training program, the so-called WWK Management Compass. It was created with the inside authoring system, the eAuthor 4.0. Via the learning world, managers can access their training media using either a PC or mobile end device (tablet) and regardless of location or time. By incorporating large-format photos – e.g. of the company building and the WWK premises – the learning world appears very authentic. Knowledge transfer is carried out using interactive training cards which consist of short and concise texts in combination with graphics, images, animations and videos and provide a motivating and varied learning experience.


Melanie Kucharik

consultant for initial and further training in the department for personnel development at WWK Insurance

„The virtual learning world for managers is an entertaining and authentic e-learning solution that complements presence training and provides new managers with all important information in a timely, flexible and location-independent manner."

In doing so, the employee has the opportunity to work through the entire learning world or to choose the relevant content. If the learner has already completed the learning world, he can also jump directly into the knowledge base. This consists of a card collection containing all existing training cards. It allows the learner to look up specific information, revise it, or search specifically for a topic with a search term.

Another highlight: During the training program, the participants are successively provided with extended learning material from the presence training in the form of PDFs in the learning world (compiled documents, presentations, participant documents, etc.). The participants are therefore always able to view all documents centrally in one place.

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