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eLearning Award 2018 goes to inside and Allianz Life Insurance AG

2018-03-26 09:13

eLearning Award 2018 goes to inside and Allianz Life Insurance AG

eLearning Award 2018

The inside Business Group has received the eLearning Award for 2018 in the category "mobile learning" together with Allianz Life Insurance AG at Didacta in Hanover. The two companies were awarded for the creation of “Wissen erLEBEN” ("experience knowledge"), a new mobile learning solution which is available to several tens of thousands of Allianz employees.

“Wissen erLEBEN” is aimed at Allianz employees in internal and external sales, sales partners and banks and offers them the opportunity to gain the expertise required for the successful needs-oriented consulting of customers independently, efficiently, sustainably and from any location.

The central goal, which was to be achieved with the development of a new learning form, was the reduction of time-to-competence and the further individualization of access to existing expertise for a relatively heterogeneous and large target group. Likewise, the learning content had to also be available on the go. "With the development of a mobile learning approach, Allianz together with inside succeeded in generating an e-learning that adapts to its individual learners", explained the jury's assessment.

In "Wissen erLEBEN", learners will, for example, be able to access the knowledge through two different structures based on sales and professional practice: through the "precautionary-oriented" approach they are approach the knowledge from a sales point of view. In "theme-oriented" access, knowledge is organized according to specialist topics.

Dr. Patrick Blum

inside managing director

„We are very pleased about this prize, because in this project we have not only succeeded in implementing flexible mobile learning using our authoring system eAuthor 4.0, we have further individualized the knowledge transfer. The learner learns exactly what he needs in a self-organized manner and in the depth and scope that is necessary for him. This makes the learning process more efficient, reduces learning times, helps the individual to do more and ensures cost savings in the company.“

The learners’ intentions are also fully taken into account in "Wissen erLEBEN". Does the learner want to learn something new or to study or practice something already learned, to assess and check their knowledge level, to look up something or perhaps put something into practice? Various media are available in accordance with their respective usage intentions.

Similarly, knowledge is categorized according to knowledge levels provided. This also makes learning or looking up information more effective and ensures that the content is tailored to your needs. In addition to the "guided" access options, a higher-level search function, a media history and update information are available to learners, which in the context of the work (performance support) in particular, provide quick and direct access to the necessary knowledge.

Joachim Behringer

head of unit training and further education at Allianz Life Insurance AG

„Our central concern was, on the one hand, to offer an integrated educational offer, and on the other to satisfy the individual needs of our internal customers within the organization as well as remaining both up-to-date and on-demand for all platforms, browsers and end devices and of course doing this as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible – we achieved this with 'Wissen erLEBEN' together with inside."

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