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eAuthor Awarded the Seal of Approval “Software Made in Germany”

2017-02-15 12:49

eAuthor Awarded the Seal of Approval “Software Made in Germany”

Software Made in Germany

The inside Business Group has received the award “Software Made in Germany” for its multiple award-winning online authoring system the eAuthor 4.0. The award is handed out by the German Federal IT Association (BITMi) in order to certify software products produced in Germany as first-class quality and future-oriented.

According to BITMi, the authoring tool from inside received the award for its user-friendliness, flexibility, cost-efficiency and top quality. Additionally, the product is accompanied by a competent customer service team, has already proved itself in the field and unites all of the features which a software requires to be used internationally.

“We offer our clients an authoring system of top quality and made in Germany. The eAuthor 4.0 is an efficient authoring system which has been optimized to meet the needs of clients. It offers the highest grade of flexibility and is at the same time a future-safe tool. We are very pleased that this has also now been officially confirmed by the BITMi,” explained Dr. Patrick Blum, managing director at inside Business Group.

With the eAuthor 4.0 a diverse range of learning media can be simply and efficiently created without the need for programming knowledge. All media created with the eAuthor 4.0 is compatible with various end devices – including smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and notebooks – without further customization thanks to mature responsive design. With its diverse functions the authoring system’s offers optimal support when creating, maintaining and publishing learning media and contributes to reducing costs. With its interface available in multiple languages, export and import functions in the international XLIFF/HTML standard and support for the creation of multilingual content within the system, the eAuthor 4.0 is predestined for use on an international scale.

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