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Customized Media for your Corporate Training

We offer a comprehensive palette of learning and training media which you can use for e-learning, mobile learning, blended learning or situational learning in the workplace (performance support). This includes digital self-learning media, training media and informational media.

What we offer reaches from standard media to methodological, ambitious, complex, interacitve and multimedial self-learning media, which enables your employees to learn efficiently, flexibly and autonomously, independent of time and place.

With our training media we also offer you media optimally balanced for conducting seminars and workshops. This can be, for example, seminar guides or slide sets used to support the trainer, or worksheets and solution sheets for your learners. Our informational media, such as compendia or lexica, are made available to your employees within the workplace and enable them to quickly search for suggestions or inform themselves of particular topic as necessary in order to allow them to complete their tasks more efficiently.

You receive a customized solution to all of your needs and requirements. We are of course happy to develop new media in accordance with your individual requirements.

Oliver Esser

Self-Learning Media Consultant

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