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Knowledge Management Within Your Business

If you would like to reduce the costs for your corporate training without compromising on quality — or even improve quality — then you should have a look at knowledge management. Knowledge management is today seen as a central success factor in guaranteeing a business' productivity and competitive ability. This also applies to corporate training since this is also made more cost effective, up-to-date and more efficient through the use of knowledge management. This is why we base our solutions on knowledge management methods and tools.

So what exactly does that mean? Data, knowledge objects, learning objects and learning media are all created with our own online authoring system, eAuthor 4.0, on the basis of a knowledge database (single source of truth approach). The advantage: The individual information or knowledge units are created only once. They can then be used any number of times in any learning and training media, which reduces production and updating costs considerably. At the same time quality is improved due to the reduced risk of errors resulting through the re-use of the data. Another advantage: Various data can be stored in a central location in the form of variables. Should a variable be changed it needs to be changed only once — all media in which it is used are automatically updated with the new value.

The single source of truth approach utilises a single database and guarantees a homogenous quality while at the same time leading to a decreased time-to-competence and resulting in a reduction of total cost. You too can profit from this. We are happy to advise you how knowledge management can be used to provide you with optimised corporate training.

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