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Internationalization and Localization of E-Learning

Is your business on course to expand or is it in operation in various countries with multiple languages?

Would you like to train your employees independently of time or place, worldwide with a consistent standard of quality? And as quickly and as efficiently as possible?

If so, then e-learning is the optimal solution for you. Regardless of whether you already use it or whether you'd like to re-introduce it, it offers huge potential when taking your business international.

  • Maintain standards of quality
  • Cut costs
  • Make use of collaboration
  • Uniform level of training

Crucial for success, however, is the professional localization of your e-learning solution. This means ensuring that your training media is matched to the language and cultural requirements of the respective countries. We are specialists for e-learning localization and support you in the realization of your international projects.

More than just a translation

A straightforward and direct translation of the learning media from one lanuguage to the next is not enough. There is much more which needs to be customized to the particularities and needs of the respective country. This starts with translating the language, which is not only translated, but also interpreted using native speakers. This is the only certain way of ensuring that the messages contained in the text are correctly conveyed in the respective language and won't be misinterpreted.

As well as the more obvious things, such as units (dates, times, currencies, temperature) which not only have to be translated but also re-formulated and often re-calculated, it is the finer details which make the difference to the translated media and its acceptance by the learner.

Matching the cultural group

Since e-learning not only consist of words but also a colorful, multimedial mix of texts, images, and videos, we also match – when necessary – the figurative language during the translation and ensure that media corresponds with the norms and values of the target country. An image of a piggy bank, for example, would encounter much disapproval in muslim countries because pigs are considered unclean animals. And an image of a beef burger wouldn't be the most ideal for media used in India as cows are sacred there and are not allowed to be slaughtered. We also take into account the selection of characters which appear in media, such as narrators, and ensure that they fit in with the local cultural group and speak the correct language with the correct accent.

Expenditure which pays off

Professional localization is no trivial endeavor which can be casually completed simply at some point along the way. There is a lot to consider and match to the culture as well as the language. Expenditure which pays off. The advantages are plain to see:

  • Great efficiency through the use of synergies
  • Reduction in time and financial expenditure
  • Uniform level of training independent of employees' time or place
  • Worldwide uniform standards of quality

Use our know-how

We already have a diverse range of e-learning media localizations for numerous internationally operating companies under our belt, among which Vapiano, Marché International, SLM, RWE and Vodafone are notable names. We would be more than happy to show you in detail how we carry out a localization of e-learning media at a meeting in person or via web conference – just let us know!

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