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eAuthor 4.0 – The Universal Online Authoring System

Flexible. Efficient. Modularly Expandable.

The eAuthor 4.0 represents flexibility and professionalism. Our authoring system offers a fitting solution for every requirement, as a Standard Edition or Extended Edition. All media created is universal and usable independently from the target platform — whether offline, via app or online.

A Wealth of Media

With the eAuthor 4.0 you acquire a modern authoring system, with which you can easily and efficiently implement a multitude of media — with or without gamification — including simple or complex learning, training and work media, self-checks, tests and much more.

One Medium for all End Devices

When creating media you don't need to worry about which end device your content will be used on. All media created with the eAuthor 4.0 are run capable on diverse end devices without additional adaptation thanks to mature Responsive Design.


Flexible and modularly extendable

By using the eAuthor 4 you are able to not only remain fully flexible when creating and using the media, but also when choosing the authoring system configuration. This allows the eAuthor 4 to be lisensed in accordance with the number of authors and the media desired.

Diverse modules, such as "tests and assessments" or extensive design packages can be incorporated however you wish, including in retrospect. With the eAuthor 4 you receive an authoring system customized in accordance to your specific needs. You remain flexible and have in your possession a future-proof tool.

Integrated Learning Managment System

With the eAuthor 4 Extended Edition you receive full access to Learning Cloud which makes the use of a separate learning management system no longer necessary.

The Learning Cloud is an integrated learning platform in which you can provide media for E-learning, blended learning or workspace learning while being able to evaluate learning behavior and results. It is directly linked with the authoring area — the authoring and learning areas merge into one making publishing and updating of media instant and without the need for an external LMS.

Michael Kippe

eAuthor Consultant

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A Dozen Advantages of our Authoring System — At a Glance

Knowledge Managment avoids Redundancy:

Content is created once and then re-used in diverse media.

Usability meets Simplicity:

Simple, intuitive creation without any programming knowledge.

Knowledge Managment Saves Money:

Thanks to the comprehensive approach, update and product costs are reduced.

Comprehensive Interactions Possibilities:

Click, drag, swipe, sort, trigger and many more — The interactive capabilities are endless.


Knowledge Managment Reduces Risk:

Potential mistakes and central storage space are reduced to a minimum through the use of variables.

Flexible Templates:

Editable templates enable quick and efficient creation of media.

Reduction of Time-to-Competence:

Using the efficient creation and editing of media, the time to learn and share knowledge is considerably reduced.

Mutliligual without Minimum Outlay:

Media can be created in multiple languages using the multilingual user interface.


Large Diversity of Media:

The creation of diverse learning, training and work media using a base of shared knowledge "nuggets".

From A to Z:

The integration of diverse multimedial elements: Graphics, images, videos, animations etc.

Mature Responsive Design:

The layout and control adapt themselves to various end devices.

Simple User Management:

Simple project management and an efficient roles and rights system.



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