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eAuthor 4.0 - Examples of Best Practice

E-Learning in various Industries

Numerous businesses from various industries have used the eAuthor to create their projects – from the introduction of e-learning to the worldwide use of mobile learning.

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  • RWTH Aachen Institute for Textile Technology – Interactive

    Providing modern lecture content using interactive media is one of the major challenges of many educational institutes and universities. RWTH Aachen Institute for Textile Technology has now created more than 1,300 interactive training cards with the eAuthor. These training cards are not only used for lectures, but also from home where students can catch up on missed lectures or use them for revision.

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  • Vapiano – Bite-sized

    Learning in bite-size chunks is particularly important for the catering industry — helping employees to learn recipes quickly or to make suggestions on request — but is often a great challenge. With the help of the interactive training cards created with the eAuthor, Vapiano employees are able to access the exact recipe they need at any time.

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  • Allianz Deutschland AG – Barrier-free

    Training employees with impairments such as blindness or deafness can present many businesses with a great challenge. Allianz uses various solutions including interactive tutorials created with the eAuthor to overcome this challenge. This interactive tutorial enables all employees — with and without impairment — to learn equally well thanks to its barrier-free dialogue design and presentation of information.

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  • Marché International – Worldwide

    The aim of introducing e-learning as a supplement to face-to-face training is, in view of high staff fluctuation, to increase the efficiency of staff induction worldwide and to achieve a consistently high quality of service through uniform standards.

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  • HypoVereinsbank – Practical

    Training materials in the financial industry are subject to rapid changes and must comply with comprehensive legal and regulatory requirements. For this reason, the HypoVereinsbank requires that in future the training materials can be maintained and managed more efficiently and redundancy-free.]

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