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RWTH Aachen Institute for Textile Technology – Interactive

RWTH Aachen Institute for Textile Technology – Interactive

Client profile

With its more than 150 employees and around 200 student research assistants, the RWTH Aachen Institute for Textile Technology develops textile producing machines and components, new materials, new methods for the production of textiles and new products for textile technologies.

The facts:

  • Modern university education
  • Work through lecture content independently
  • Can be used as additional presentation medium in lectures
  • Can be created without programming knowledge

The challenge

The ITA would like to present its courses in a more modern way with the help of interactive learning media. The media must be suitable for use within the lectures as a presentation medium as well as provide the students with the possibility of working through the content of the lecture later at home or or catching up on missed lectures. A further requirement: The employees of ITA must be able to produce the interactive learning media themselves.

Dr. Dieter Veit

Academic Director of ITA

Working with the eAuthor is a lot of fun. Its operation is very intuitive and simple, the results look very professional and contains all functions which we need to create an interesting lecture. Films and animations are easily integrated and our students are very pleased with the look of the layout.

The solution

With the help of inside's authoring system the eAuthor 4.0, which has been licensed by the institute, all lecture content has been transferred to interative training cards using templates: The ITA has now produced more than 1,300 interactive training cards which contain over 3,000 graphics and 100 Videos. These, with the additional integration of texts, images and videos allow for a very enjoyable and diverse learning experience.

Interactive training cards are used in lectures in the form of learning sequence, that is a predetermined order of training cards. In addition, the students are able to also use the training cards to work through the content at home in their own time. Diverse filters enable the training cards to be searched and their content to be used as a targeted and concrete reference work i.e. to be selected and worked through in any order and number.

As well as the interactive training cards, tests consisting of various types of exercise have been created. These enable the students to independently confirm whether they have correctly learned the content of the lecture.


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Michael Kippe

eAuthor Advisor

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